Dear Members

We are in uncharted water in these unprecedented times and I hope you are staying healthy and safe from the virus that is dominating our lives. Our Blues Family has a reputation for no nonsense caring for each other. We must continue to so; these times are when we prove our worth to each other and to our wider community. Rugby is a game with a strong ethos and discipline and these values will see us all through this difficult time.

I have many positives to cheer you all up though. The first ever Board video meeting last night was a comedy at times, technology is not our forte but we pulled it together, it’s not often I’m faced with a rogue’s gallery and I believe every one of those faces was guilty of something. A nightmare Andy Warhol vision. But let’s look at what is good about the Blues just now.

Positive 1
Our proposed Club changing room development continues to gain momentum, we have interviewed 3 architects and are close to appointing one with the hope of further progress, dependent on the current situation, fairly rapidly. This is a huge undertaking for us and we will be looking for help and support from all members to move it forward.

Positive 2
The Board have looked at our finances, I said the Club was in a strong position to see us through this crisis in a recent press article and this is true, with our new structure, good organisation and future planning, we can ride this storm out I believe. Not indefinitely, nonetheless for a good number of months. I have to thank Don Burns our treasurer for his preparation for last night’s meeting

Positive 3
All our employed staff are retained, we believe that a considered sympathetic approach is required and reflects just what the Blues Family would expect. We will do our best will sustain this through this uncertain period.

Positive 4
Club memberships are due after the AGM at the end of May, The Board have considered the impact of the current situation and will look to delay asking for those payments for one month at least, with no increase in the annual subscription. There is a good chance the AGM will be delayed too, we will keep everyone up to date on changes in this fluid situation.

Positive 5
Our Social Media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is active, parents and kids alike get online and join in with what Murray Oliver and Corgi George are posting. They never cease to amaze me with their ideas, please feel free to contact them if you have any ideas of your own. I don’t want them basking in their own glory.

Positive 6
You are the member of the Blues Family and we are all here to help and support each other, we have a number of volunteers from the Club out in the community helping those who are struggling and thanks must go out to them.

Volunteer, contact us, send in funny stories and rugby memories that are worth sharing. I have a few but some I will need to keep to myself, however an escort through a rowdy, beer throwing, baying crowd in Brive surrounded by burly security guards is one. I can share. I loved refereeing in France, but I’m not sure the French always felt the same way!

Kirkcaldy RFC is strong just now, we have a great future ahead of us, we have goals, we have a lot to be grateful for. First let us look after each other and our extended family, let’s see each other through this and we will come through the crisis stronger than before it.


J Graeme Hannah
President KRFC