The KRFC Board 2019-2020 Season


At the recent AGM on 30/5/2019, President Jimmy Bonnar stood down after 2 successful years in the post. During this time KRFC were promoted to National 1 and the Club has much to thank Jimmy for during his Presidency and for all he has contributed to the Club over the years, he assures us he will continue to do so and his service is hugely appreciated by all.

The new President, Graeme Hannah was nominated by Jimmy and voted in as President. I have a background in refereeing, officiating Pro rugby throughout Europe, and have been involved at International level too. Importantly, I have coached Youth rugby at the KRFC for over 12 years, I am a past Youth Convenor and Vice President. My family are all either past coaches, Wee Blues mums, or past players. I have a huge admiration the Club’s ethos and sense of community and I am keen to look after this and develop these.

Vice Presidents
New vice Presidents are, Allan Dick, an ex KRFC player, Zingari and coach, he has been on the Board for a number of years and brings valuable business experience. Colin Harvey is the other new vice President, he is an past player, ex first XV Captain and is the current Colts head Coach. He brings a huge understanding of the Club and its values, energy and youth!

Director of Rugby 
Director of Rugby, Corgi George, is also our Development Officer. Corgi has made the DO role his own and his effort and enthusiasm have overseen the large increase in player numbers at KRFC, his work with surrounding schools is benefitting the club massively. He has the dubious honour of having played for Welsh Police, he also played District rugby in his time as a player.

Youth Convenor
Youth Convenor, Paddy Hadoke, has been involved with Club for many years as a coach and as a Zingari. Paddy is considered and thoughtful in his role and is another asset to us. He is a well known face and his hard work for the Club over the past few years, supported by myself and Corgi, has seen KRFC Youth achieve Tier 3 status. This is a big deal for the future of the Club and a lot of time has been invested in achieving this. It also reflects the appetite the Club has to improve and develop itself.

Treasurer, Don Burns, and Secretary, Derek Harper, are long standing office bearers. They are both ex Presidents and have a strong sense of what the Club is about. They continue to commit valuable time to two roles which can be easily over looked and under estimated but both are absolutely essential to the smooth running of KRFC.

Ladies Representative
Our Ladies Representative on the Board is Carrie-Ann Downs, she is a Ladies player and is finding her role blossoming as the numbers at our Ladies sessions increase, and as our new Girls team becomes more popular.

Wee Blues Convenor 
Wee Blues Convenor is Stuart Oliver, Ollie is a stalwart of the Club, an ex player, Zingari and coach. Stuart has brought much enthusiasm to his role, his organisational skills, energy and keen eye for detail has seen our Wee Blues section become the envy of our peers. Come down on a Sunday to witness rugby at its good fun best.

Communications Officer
Communications Officer is a new role for the Board. Mhorag McDougall brings a great deal of youth and experience to this role. A relatively new player to the Ladies section, Mhorag has redesigned our Website and continues to refresh us with new ideas and innovations for the Club’s use of Social media. In this modern world Mhorag’s role is an important one.

These are your KRFC Board members, there is a lot of work involved in running a successful club that continues to grow and develop.

This is your Club, we are custodians of one of the oldest rugby clubs in Scotland but it is the staff, members, coaches, players, parents, families and supporters that make this Club what it is.
We will always welcome volunteer help,
There is a role for everyone,
This is your Club.

Graeme Hannah
President KRFC