So, for my first blog I thought I’d give you a run down of how my average day looks.

It all starts at Balwearie High School, aka BHS, with the School of Rugby class. I was always worried that some of the students were there to get out of maths (‘cause that’s what I’d have been doing) but when you see them all getting stuck in, plus the results they’ve had this year, my mind is changed rapidly. Hmmm, thought I’d stopped being a cynic a few years back…..

I get my usual 100 questions from big Muzz about my own game at the weekend then he gives me a run down of how the 1st team, and the ref, performed. He’s a bit of a font of rugby knowledge, gets that from his Grandad, but he can play a bit too.
After the SoR I’ve got a couple of lessons, we are 4 weeks into the rotation so we are playing a bit of touch. It’s all girls today, their warm up is basically the Fortnight dance, I canny do that one so just ‘Floss’ instead, Mr Linton just shakes his heed, at me mainly. Shrieks and laughter as they all chase each other about the astro but, I’m sure I can hear a wee sweary word when they drop the ball…. Still get the same 1 or 2 though; ‘I forgot my kit’, take it you’ve remembered your mobile phone, not that you’re getting to use it during a lesson I’m afraid, oh and if you think peering down into your bag is fooling anyone you are sadly mistaken.

Back to the club, got a few documents to fill in recording my hours for the SRU and this week I’ve got a meeting with the school’s Department of Additional Support (most people call it DAS). Great news, I’ve convinced them to have a go at walking rugby with some of the kids, it’ll help with their health and wellbeing targets. A quick bleather with my old colleague, and our current groundsman Colin, we’ll sort the world out no doubt!

I am back at the club for training, I go around and see the 16s, they are on fire just now and have managed to get to finals day at Perth at the end of the month. It’s brilliant for a Tier 4 club to be smashing Tier 3 teams. The S1 and 2s, there’s hunners of them, most of them from BHS but boys from the other Kirkcaldy Schools and Cowdengelly too. I give them the a bit of wisdom ‘RUN, TACKLE, STOP CHEATING ARCHIE…..

Then it’s across to the first team. Never has there been a bigger week for the guys, it is partly in their own hands and partly up to CQP results. I’m sure there have been less injuries at all the Wrestlemania’s than we’ve had this season. Oft a long day, but another good day.

I was gonna stick in a wee rugby joke at the end to get a smile but, Once you’ve seen one rugby joke, you’ve seen them Maul!

Mon the BLUES

Corgi George